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For your convenience prior to visiting our office, please click on the following links to print the new patient forms, complete the information and bring them with you to your first visit:

 New Patient Health History Form

Your child's first dental visit should be a positive experience. The first visit is usually recommeded by 2-3 years old. We are happy to see infants as soon as the first tooth erupts to educate parents on proper dental hygiene and oral habits. We always allow parents to be in the treatment room at all times. If your child is a little apprehensive, we encourage you to sit with them in the chair as we tell them we are going to count their teeth. We will explain all our tools in fun words to make their fears go away. If they allow, our hygienist will clean their teeth as well as polish their teeth with a flavored toothpaste of their choice. If not, we try on another day or in 6 months.

We will review proper diet, brushing and flossing techniques as well as examine their teeth. Xrays are usually taken on children that are 4 years old if they can tolerate them and older to evaluate areas in between the teeth that we can not diagnose clinically. Your child will be able to choose a new toothbrush to take home and will leave with a goody bag full of stickers, floss as well as choose a toy on the way out.

We want every child to feel comfortable in our office and will sometimes just talk on the first visit if they are too apprehensive. It allows them to get to know our office and usually if we see them again in a month or so they feel much more comfortable. We look forward to meeting you and your child on their first visit to our office and will try to make their visit a wonderful experience.